Hand Made Green Bow Tie (Statesman)

$ 29.99


When I first saw this necktie, I couldn't quite grasp the heartbeat of this choice of color combination.  When this necktie was refashioned and repurposed into this stately Green Bow Tie......I said eureka!!!!, I got it, that's it!  It was a statement of being splendid, regal, elegant and all those synonyms of Pomp & Circumstance.  Wear this refashioned necktie with style.  (Hand Crafted Chest is not Included)

Hand Made Green Bow Tie is %100 silk.

Color:  Dark Blue, White, Orange.

Accent:  Signature Erstwhile Tie Point.

Neck Sizes:  13 1/2-18 1/2.

Wing Height:  2 1/2 inches.

Width:  5 inches (Including point).


Care Instructions:  Dry Clean (recommended)

What are Green Bow ties?   Neck ties that have been hand sewn into bow ties .   KirondeHaberdashery take vintage, used, new or under appreciated ties and recycle, refashion, retrofit, and re-present them into bow ties.  We give ties new life, and a " Second Chance to Shine ". There's nothing average about these Super Bow Ties .  Each one of them are a timeless beauty from the best known to the least known tie makers...primarily vintage but certainly embracing all generations in tie quality.  It is our idea that the artistic beauty of the tie like fine china must be preserved.

 This tie received its new life as a Hand Made Green Bow Tie in Chicago