Custom Bow Ties (Erstwhile Ties)

                           "You wouldn't know it was ever a tie"



Former, old, past, one-time......used in a sentence "Mary Anderson, erstwhile (formerly) the queen of America's stage."  His erstwhile (former) rival.

Adds Value:

This term, "Erstwhile", epitomizes the refashioned bow tie.  Each of our bows were at one time a necktie.  You are richer all the more by re-investing in your investment by repurposing, refashioning your erstwhile tie into a "Green Bow Tie".  We give your favorite, possibly out-dated necktie new life and a second chance to shine by re-presenting it to you and your wardrobe as a sophisticated, charming, urbane and polished "Green Bow Tie".

Anatomy Of The Tie:

The necktie we know and love today has been around for more than 150 years, however the history of the cravatte (now called "tie") dates back to 221 BC.  From the hand-painted ties of post WW1, to the wide ties of the 1940's, to the skinny ties of the 1970's, the necktie has remained a constant staple of men's fashion.  Kirondehaberdashery takes great care in knowing the parts of your necktie that make your refashioned Green Bow Tie unique.  The following are parts of your necktie that are involved in the transformation process: 1) Shell  2) Seam  3) Interlining  4) Neck   5) Keeper Loop   6) Rolled Edge   7) Label   8) Tail   9) Care & Origin Tag 10) Bar Tack   11) Blade   12) Tipping   13) Margin/Hem   14) Slip Stitch.  Each of these parts are involved in the refashioning and repurposing your erstwhile necktie.

Transformation  Process:

Each tie undergoes a complete tip to tip makeover, re-lining (if necessary), thorough steam pressing for refreshing, and hand stitching.  Attention to detail is given to each tie as no two are same, and each tie is handled delicately taking into consideration the age/sort of fabric.  

Custom Made For You:

Kirondehaberdashery will custom make your Green Bow Tie from the tie you present to us.  The refashioned tie will have our "Signature Erstwhile Tie Point";  Also, we will custom make a bow tie chest to hold your investment.  The custom chest will be accented with the fabric of the erstwhile tie. (Shown in Pictures)

Cost: From $70 (for most neckties)

For more information on getting your tie repurposed, refashioned into a Green Bow Tie, please email us for more information at: