KirondeHaberdashery started imaginably more than 40 years ago when as a child I wore bow ties. It was not until 1997 that I began to think seriously about creating and designing my own.  Being practically born wearing one, I qualify as a bow tie aficionado.  I wore all forms of the bow tie, freestyle (self-tie), (pre-tied) and as a lad  the (clip-on).  It is my goal to add conservative swagg and flavor to the pre-tied bow, thereby reaching every closet in the world where the necktie lives and hang out.

My passion behind this choice of neckpiece is fueled by a term called objet d 'art, meaning "work of art"  Each bow tie makes a statement about who you are and what you are passionate about.  Whether you love colors, certain designs or nature...the bow tie can easily express you in all settings be it casual, formal, and whatever categories in between.  Our bow ties are like wearing Romare Bearden, Van Goghs, Monets, and Picasso art pieces around your neck.

opened the online store after a year or so of planning.  Within that time we have sold bow ties locally and have an international client.  This is a family owned business.   I am the primary resident KirondeHaberdashery brand Bow Tie designer/tailor, and Hand Crafted Chest maker.  We are located on Chicago's great Westside, with plans to open in Tuskegee Alabama.  As in the custom of a Haberdashery...... our production, packaging, and designing all take place under one roof.

KirondeHaberdashery has plans to provide hand made custom shirts, and shoes.  


Kironde, Owner

"Theres's nothing average about our Super Bow tie, as it can be worn with or without a shirt or collar"